Introducing Bootworks by Point Inside

Indoor Delivery Management Solution

Our technology enables the work and our people do the work. Bootworks: now servicing large venues, malls and commercial office buildings.


COVID-19 Forced New Rules

Health and safety is a top priority and requires new business policies that minimize the risk of exposure, illness, and spread of COVID-19.

Logistic Companies Need to Keep their Trucks Moving

The larger the venue the longer it takes drivers to deliver and pick up packages. This limits overall capacity and the ability to service growing demand.

Overwhelming Package Volume

Carriers such as UPS are unable to handle the surge of shipments. This problem is negatively impacting all types of businesses.


Bootworks provides a technology-enabled workforce.

Bootworks delivery management application enables efficient package delivery

Bootworks team members deliver the packages inside your venue.


Help Your Retailers

Retailers rely on shipments for inventory replenishment and for fulfillment of orders.

Deliver on Promises

Shoppers visit your mall to buy, and you don’t want stock outs to impact their decision to return.

Guarantee Package Movement

Augment the last mile delivery capability of companies like UPS and FedEX to insure your packages arrive and ship on-time.


Improve Health & Safety

Health and safety is of top priority and requires new business strategies. Bootworks minimizes health risks by eliminating in-building visitors involved in package delivery operations.

Reduce Congestion

Buildings are inundated with demands on their facilities. Bootworks eliminates congestion by streamlining all delivery operations and freeing up loading docks, security desks, elevators and staff.

Generate Revenue

Monetize shipment activity with the Bootworks Technology Platform and replace existing labor expenses with the Bootworks Workforce.


How Bootworks works

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Indoor Mapping Solutions

Point Inside has the most flexible and advanced indoor mapping technology in the world.

Our state of the art wayfinding guides users along the fastest, most efficient routes, using turn by turn directions. Use search to discover items, services, places and deals with response time in milliseconds.

Create your own unique user experience using our mobile and web SDKs or eliminate the cost of building out your own app with our ready-to-launch FUSION App. Deploy our kiosk solution to engage customers in-venue.

Point Inside Maps

Venue Insights

Monitor the occupancy rates where your retail stores are located

A lack of occupancy data makes it difficult for retailers to pursue co-tenancy remedies.

If you are not yet tracking co-tenancy breaches. You are likely missing out on significant remedies (such as lease renegotiation opportunities, penalty-free lease termination, etc...) that may be available to you. In some cases these remedies add up to millions of dollars.

If you have an “in-house” process for tracking co-tenancy breaches. Your current process of manually collecting, aggregating, and analyzing occupancy data is likely laborious and expensive. Significant human capital is required to have field personnel manually collect data and to have analysts compile checklists and review findings for potential breaches.

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Spatial Insights for Dense Retail Environments

Retail Space Explorer

Our Retail Space Explorer application surfaces new and hard-to-access information about the most popular retail locations so that you can start making data-driven decisions.

  • Check Improve site selection with valuable leasing and real estate data
  • Check Evaluate your proximity to high foot traffic areas using heat map view
  • Check Sort venues by popularity, geography, current tenants and more

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Point Inside Maps

Trusted POI Data

Point Inside is the global leader in building and managing geo-spatially accurate indoor maps. We’ve gathered, managed and maintained hundreds of millions of Point of Interest (POI) within thousands of precisely mapped commercial locations.

Point Inside provides trusted POI data, audience segments, business insights and custom mapping solutions.

Point Inside has proven expertise gathering, managing and maintaining hundreds of millions of individual data points and hundreds of thousands of densely packed POIs.

Our Trusted POI data in combination with GPS signals enable powerful advertisement targeting, valuable attribution measurement, improved site selection and stronger lease negotiation.

Audience Segments

Point Inside's Audience Segments allow you to target shoppers that visit brick and mortar retail locations and fit your brand’s specific needs. Our audiences outperform the competition due to our data quality and validation methods which ensure exact polygon boundaries and non-overlapping POIs.

  • Check Reach your brand's target audience
  • Check Reach your competitor's target audience
  • Check Higher ROI on digital ad spend

Data Enrichment

Point Inside provides data for all of your modeling and analysis purposes. Track vacancy data and default rates; better understand common shopper behaviors and build robust competitive analysis reports that give your team the leg up you’ve been seeking.

Available reports include default rate and vacancy data, common and cross shopper behaviors and competitive analysis.

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Custom Reports and Analysis

Point Inside partners with Alexander Babbage to offer deep insights and custom analysis using your own 1st party data.

For example; model your store sales against our POI data to better understand venue features that affect your bottom line. Contact us to find out how you can start making data driven decisions today.

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Map Licensing

Over the last 10 years, Point Inside has built and maintained a collection of over 1500 detailed indoor maps including the most popular shopping centers the most traveled airports. Our public collection of maps is available to license enabling you to deploy our interactive indoor maps to your website or app in less than an hour.

Custom Maps

Our state of the art, interactive and user-friendly custom maps can be personalized to match branding by colors, logos, and themes. Enable background data collection to help you understand and create audience profiles for research and marketing purposes.

The most trusted source for data and insights. Engineered for accuracy. Mapped for precision.

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