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Data Collection

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At Observa we provide real time into your retail sales and marketing efforts. You actually see what your customers see as they make their decision.

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We drive around with the scan trolley and scan spaces up to 25,000 square meters per day. In regular office spaces we scan up to 10,000 square meters per day. Our 3D Scan Trolley is equipped with six high-resolution cameras and three high-definition laser scanners.

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Client focused. Solution driven. A national leader in the merchandising services industry. For retailers, they complete projects in every department in numerous retail channels. When a client chooses RMS for a store audit, they can combine it with POG maintence.

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Specializing in nationwide retail support services. Their in-depth surveys, assessments and audits put the client in the driver's seat allowing them to decide what is best for their facilities. Footprint provides the client with a successful time management schedule and thorough understanding of expectations and completion of deliverables in the process.

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Solutions you can count on. A national leader in global inventory and data collection services. Audits are tailored to the clients specific needs and includes visits to individual locations to identify uniquely defined criteria. Data is captured to confirm programs are implemented correctly and results are presented as a client needs them.

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Let the Driveline difference optimize your retail initiatives. Driveline executes 50,000 high ROI audits weekly across multiple trade channels around the nation. Their audits are focused on promotional execution, root cause OSA analytics and management, distributor execution and broker in-store execution.

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Smarter way. Faster Growth. Crossmark is recognized in the industry for their tailored approach to developing retail solutions for clients. Through targeting, execution and measurement disciplines, growth opportunities are identified and the outcome is an efficiently executed plan with continuous measurement of performance.

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Diminish the confines of space - Optimize & Replenish IT. Paradigm is a global business whose product gives them the ability to collect store data in various increments from fixture, product support and SKU level. Paradigm sets itself apart by building a rapport and continuous dialogue with their customers.

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RGIS is an acronym for Retail Groc​ery Inventory Specialist. Early success allowed us to scale our business model and rapidly expand into other sectors. Decades later we have far outgrown our name. RGIS now performs more than 1,400 inventories per day for companies of all types and sizes.​

Data Enrichment

Atrius Logo

Atrius by Acuity is an integrated IoT retail solution allowing retailers to digitize brick and mortar stores by leveraging embedded technologies within energy-efficient lighting. Atrius Retail enables the development of applications utilizing indoor positioning services to enhance shoppers' experiences, improve store operations, and gain remarkable business intelligence through retail store analytics.

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Signify Indoor positioning system works with LED luminaires that are embedded with visible light communication (VLC) technology. Using the light from the luminaires, the system sends a unique code to a mobile device, accurately pinpointing the user’s specific location on a map of the store. The user’s device is now location-aware and the app delivers location-based services.

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Situm is present in thousands of buildings from different industries worldwide, from hospitals, airports and train stations to museums, corporate buildings and factories, providing the most precise indoor positioning with the minimal infrastructure.

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Coursa is an infrastructure-free, no site-survey shopper and store associate behavior insights and analytics platform for mass, club, superstore, grocery, home improvement, pharmacy, office products and electronics retail store formats.

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IndoorAtlas is a global Platform-as-a-Service leader in geomagnetic indoor positioning. Its patented hybrid technology utilizes the built-in sensors in smartphones to detect anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field to pinpoint a location indoors. It provides to thousands of developers with a scalable cloud platform to build location-based services without the need to purchase, install and maintain large amounts of costly infrastructures.

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BlooLoc has deployed its yooBee indoor positioning and asset tracking solutions in several countries for different applications in various markets including retail, senior care, education and campus environments.

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FlightAware is the world's largest flight tracking data company and provides over 10,000 aircraft operators and service companies as well as over 12,000,000 passengers with global flight tracking solutions.

Data Sales

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Alpha Eagle, a recognized leader in the alternative data space, began in 2012 and is headquartered in Dublin with offices in Los Angeles and New York. It provides a full service solution that enables members of the financial industry to obtain unique insights from alternative data.

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AreaMetrics is a location intelligence platform that brings Big Data to life, by providing large-scale location data to companies that want to uncover patterns, trends, and associations. Our exclusive dataset includes extremely precise Bluetooth beacon data from a network of over 7 million Bluetooth beacons deployed in retail, restaurant, and hospitality venues.

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